Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Based on the idea of ” Love grows as you share.” ​​Bortar Group has implemented and has taken part in many institutional projects for the improvement of the welfare level of our society and for its development from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

Being aware of its duties and responsibilities towards the environment and society we live in, BORTAR cooperates with various non-governmental organizations and associations and serves our society in the fields of art, sports, education and environment. BORTAR owns a pioneering and exemplary corporate mission with projects to increase the quality of life of our country and society, to support economic, cultural, environmental and social developments and to spread the social responsibility awareness to the whole society.

In this context,

• Responsibility to our employees,

• Responsibility for our customers,

• Responsibility towards nature and environment,

• Responsibility to the State

• Responsibility to suppliers,

• Responsibility for competitors,

• Responsibility to society,

is an important and integral part of our company policy.