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Şuayip KÜÇÜKKURT was born on April 10th, 1960 in the village of Pınarkaya in Karaman. After he moved to Ereğli district of Konya in 1965, he completed primary school at Mehmet Akif Primary School.
He started his professional life by selling sunflower seeds and ice cream at school and helping his father Hüseyin KÜÇÜKKURT. After graduating from primary school, he started to work as an apprentice at the photographer's shop "Foto Türk". He came to İzmir from Ereğli at the age of 15 on his own and continued his professional life in this city.

He gained experience in working life as he worked at another photographer's shop, Foto Sedat, in Basmane, Izmir.
In 1980, he served his military service in Izmir.  Then his family also moved to Izmir. He worked as a porter, fruit and vegetable broker at the wholesale market hall and ran a greengrocery shop in İzmir. He got married and had four children.
In 1992 he founded "Bornova Agriculture" with his four brothers. In 1993 he changed his work area and founded BORTAR, a food facility that serves 600 people in Yeşilova. Due to the increasing number of companies serviced every day, the food facilities were moved to Ayakkabıcılar Sitesi first and then to Işıkkent.
We work with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction as the entire Bortar family to keep the memory of our esteemed elder Şuayip KÜÇÜKKURT, who has left us untimely in 2004, and to carry us to the future by enlarging our legacy BORTAR.

With the power we have received from his happy and hopeful eyes that we believe are watching through the clouds, we are proud to be able to move with pride and confidence without forgetting our past.