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For an event or organization, getting a service from a successful and large catering and organization company such as BORTAR has enormous advantages over services from a small-scale company or a plan to manage on your own. BORTAR does not only cook delicious food, but also serves as an "event contractor" which offers the most attractive food and deals with every detail of the whole event.

Why would you prefer BORTAR as a Catering and Organization Company?

In the food, catering and organization sector there is a thin line between success and failure. While success is so hard that it can be achieved by the satisfaction of all of the guests, the failure is easy enough to emerge with the dissatisfaction of a few guests.

BORTAR, is one of the most successful companies in Turkey in the catering and organization planning sector. As we explain how we succeeded, we will also share the answer to the question "How can you choose the right catering company?"

1) BORTAR is the name of a corporate system which is established on step by step experiences.

BORTAR Group is definitely Turkey's largest catering company. How Bortar has grown to this size is more important than its size. There is a common rule which applies to all sectors: All successful companies have started as a small business. They have not come from an irrevelant sector and become the greatest in the sector. Successful firms have gradually grown up with a lot of experience they have acquired, such as loops, and have grown their businesses by making fewer mistakes every day and creating a system.

Bortar's success was achieved through hard work and its enterprise system in the mass food sector where there is a great competition to become the best and the largest.

2) BORTAR makes separate and special planning for each event organization.

A business would become successful only with the right plan. No company wishes to fail, promises to offer its customers the best and in good faith. However, hardworking with good faith may not be sufficient to be successful unless the company applies the right system and and right plan are supported. The right system and the institutional power that operates it guarantee each event is as perfect as any other event.

BORTAR has carefully crafted workflow templates that relax the customers and are dedicated to each activity type, providing customers with a sense of direction and a sense of direction as to how that event will take place.

These workflow plans are designed not to make activities ordinary, but to create specific milestones in our customers' thoughts. BORTAR Catering and Organization company is responsible for all of these milestones.

3) Cooking is an Art for BORTAR

For BORTAR, a food manufacturer and service company, food is not just nourishment. Cooking is a work of art for us. The organization becomes more successful if you have innovative ideas as you prepare and present your meals.  It is not just the flavor of snacks and meals which make the catering service terrific. The way of presentation is at least as important as the quality of the meal. If you serve the food in a more artistic way, people would appreciate it more. As BORTAR catering and organization company, developing and differentiating the presentation process is an important part of our business process.

4) BORTAR has the World's Top Quality Equipment for Catering.

Bortar Group is Turkey's largest food factory hosting millions of dollars of cooking technology investments. There is no other company which is more competent to supply with the size of the number of guests or the intensity of the special requests.

BORTAR does not only have the largest production facilities, but also has a very large fleet of vehicles to carry our worldwide cooking technologies to the event areas and provide on-site cooking services.

5) Continuous Education Approach for Catering and Organization at Bortar

Education in the catering sector is continuous and compulsory. BORTAR training is not a one-time training and it includes all of our staff, including our chefs, service staff, and the management staff. Training is a continuous process for everyone in the BORTAR company.

Thanks to this management and education discipline, you will not face any annoying problems which could even put the event at risk which are frequently be experiences in small-scale companies. We work with experienced and well-trained staff. Our employees do not constantly change in contrast to  staff who did not take necessary training and try to learn the job in your business.

6) BORTAR knows more than preparing delicious flavors.

The right choice for a successful catering company should be capable of event planning, performer organizations, sound systems procurement, photo and video shooting teams, ornaments  in addition to supplying and serving delicious meals. All of these tasks from the smallest to the largest are included in BORTAR's event planning templates.

7) BORTAR is a Catering Company which serves on 365 Days of the Year, 24-Hours of the day.

A catering company cannot have an excuse to reject events you will organize on holidays due to missing staff. A catering and organization company should be able to work full time when all other people go on vacation and provide the same high quality and continuous service on every day of the year or on every hour of the day. BORTAR has a large and mutually substitute staff so that it can fulfill any request at any moment.

8) BORTAR has a splendid event center.

BORTAR is one of the rare organization companies with its own activity center. The BORTAR Art and Event Area, located in the center of BORTAR with its wonderful architecture and decoration in Izmir, is a great place to host your meetings, organizations and events with its capacity of 250 people.

9) BORTAR has a great business and advertising network.

BORTAR is one of the most valuable and prestigious brands in Izmir. BORTAR Bulk Food company produces and delivers food to seven thousand people every day.

BORTAR is a company known and respected by all public and private sectors in İzmir and Aegean regions.

BORTAR has an effective business network to convey all of your activities to all municipalities, public and private sector managers and employees very quickly and to promote your activity in all kinds of media channels.

Considering all of these reasons, BORTAR is definitely the best choice for your catering and organization needs.