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Catering and Organization

What do you expect from a catering company? Just good snacks and nice meals?

When working with a catering firm and making a reservation for the organization, there are important criteria to look out for other than the type of food provided by them. If you have the following qualifications in a meal organization company, then it is definitely worth a work. Bortar Catering and Organization Company, which has all of these qualifications would be a perfect choice for catering and organization.

Nice meal

No matter how magnificently your organization area decorated or how efficient the staff are, if the taste of the dishes is not good, the event will turn into a disaster. The food produced in large quantities needs special considerations when preparing together with a refined plan to serve them. Every serving of food should be perfectly delicious. There should be no difference between the first meal on the production line and the last meal. Bortar Group, Turkey's largest manufacturer of mass food with daily production capacity of one hundred thousand people, ensures the quality of every food to be served at your organization.

Food Safety and Hygiene

The Bortar Group has the highest safety and hygiene standards for the food served to all guests. Each dish is produced by state-approved safety procedures inspected by a number of supervisory bodies. Bortar Group never compromises the health and food safety of its customers. Please visit our photo gallery and promotional video to see our production procedures and the quality of our facilities.

Bortar is the most accurate and perfect Izmir catering organization company that provides all of these criteria at the same time. For these reasons, Bortar Group is the right choice to host all kinds of events that you plan to make.

High Level Customer Service

Cafes serving banquet halls and areas need to have a relatively higher level of customer service. The unhappy return of a single guest even during the feast affects the reputation of the food service. The goal of an excellent catering and organization firm is that no guest leaves the event unsatisfied. A satisfied customer will serve the owner of the invitation as an influential spokesperson with a better, positive reference than a lot of advertising channels.

Creativity and Flexibility

Each customer has food preferences depending on their eating habits and food allergies. In general, such cases are notified immediately before the invitations. A catering service company should be able to change its menus according to the wishes and needs of the guests and have an ability to innovate when necessary. As Bortar Group prepares its own food in its own factories, it will not have any limits in creativity and flexibility with its fantastic solutions in a short time in terms of aperitif, cocktail and food variety.

High Motivation

If a company is motivated to serve you it will definitely offer the best quality. A company that really aims to provide a service which would fullfill your wishes with full accuracy will really benefit you. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to work with a corporate company which is capable of taking on many tasks at the same time.

Attention to details

A good catering organization company would not miss anything from decor to dinner. A good company is concerned about every moment of the event and ensures that even the smallest errors do not occur during the event. A good organization company is willing to learn about all of the details of the event, takes time to learn every small detail and then takes care of everything.

Extraordinary Management

No matter how large the workload is, or how large the meeting is, a good food service should be able to serve all the people in the banquet hall. A single guest should not be underestimated under their management and should not suffer any damage by the staff.

The Best Price for Catering and Organization

A company should offer the highest quality in food and decor while making the cost affordable for its customers at the same time. We know that the organization business is not a one-time event and customers will keep coming back again and again. In the intense competition of catering companies, Bortar Group will provide the most ideal catering and organization pricing as it can solve a lot of details with its own facilities.