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Mutfak 93 Restaurant

Mutfak 93 Türk Mutfağı ve Et Restaurantı Mutfak 93 Türk Mutfağı ve Et Restaurantı Bortar Group

Bortar Group, Turkey's largest manufacturer of mass food,  has prepared a very special flavor of a gourmet venue to share with its guests specifically the 25th year, quarter of a century of expertise and experience. Founded in 2017 and named after the establishment year of Bortar Group, Kitchen 93 brought together the rich taste varieties of Turkish cuisine, which you will taste from the most skillful cooks, in a stylish, conceptual place where you will feel great for being there with your loved ones. Our Kitchen 93 Restaurant serves between 9:00 and 17:30 every weekday. The Kitchen 93 Restaurant also serves evening and weekend special events.

Web: www.mutfak93.com.tr