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Bortar Group is composed of Bortar Mass Food, Bortar Catering and Organization, Bortar Event Hall, Bortar Şahden Fattening and Milk Farm, Bortar Olive Oil, Borsafe Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment Corp. and Mutfak 93 (Kitchen 93) Restaurant.

Bortar Mass Food

Bortar Group provides the most reliable mass food and catering services to Izmir and Aegean Region since 1993, by its food factory which has a capacity of 100,000 people per day and has insured 70,000 people to whom it serves meal everyday.

Bortar Collective Cooking Factory, has a 5600 square meters of indoor space and 2000 square meters of outdoor space. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and night meals prepared by a staff of 1400 people are delivered to 70,000 customers by our distribution fleet with 140 vehicles to 350 different locations from our factory which has been designed in accordance with the modern food band, All of our team complies with the total Quality Management rules to provide high quality, delicious and healthy meals to our customers, which are composed of business centers, factories, schools, hospitals, banks and industrial establishments.

Since the day BORTAR was established, the value we provide to our customers, the quality and delicious food we produce, our expert team, our world-class technology, our sensitivity to the society and the environment have made Bortar Group one of the most important companies in the ready-made food sector.

Bortar Group has become the strongest and most trusted brand in its sector with its ever-increasing awards, thanks to the dishes prepared by the master's hands, the friendly service, the equipment which complies to European standards, and its certificates including

  • K-Q TSE-ISO-EN 9000 Quality Management System Certificate,
  • G-F TSE-ISO-EN 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate,
  • TSE FSSC-22000 ISO / TS 22000-1 Food Safety System Certificate,
  • M-C TSE ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate.

Bortar Mass Food has started to supply daily meals to 20,000 employees working in Aliaga Socar Star Refinery, the region's first private industrial facilities since mid-2018 as a mass food supplier. The Bortar Group is a large family of people who envision the food as an art, enjoy cooking and sharing, and love each other and work. Professional managers, food engineers, cooks and employees who make up our family have proved their success with national and international quality certificates, certificates and awards.

Web site: www.bortartopluyemek.com

Bortar Catering and Organization

Bortar Gorup, Turkey's largest kitchen, offers catering and organization services to Izmir and the Aegean Region.  You can also entertain your guests with a wide range of refreshments and a variety of menus to choose from at the Bortar Event & Art Center for cocktails, meetings, special family days, big meetings, invitations and all other organizations.

Bortar Event Hall, Event and Art Space

With its impressive architecture, Bortar Event Hall, is one of the most beautiful venues in Izmir, and is at your service with its excellent service understanding for flawless organizations. You have a new option for your cocktails, company meetings, special family days, big meetings, invitations and organizations in Izmir anymore. Besides, you can entertain your guests at lunch, dinner and iftar meals during Ramadan. We will be pleased to host any of your events with our experienced experts, chefs and friendly staff.

One of the most beautiful halls for your presentations and meetings in Izmir

Under Bortar Group, you can easily access and use everything you need for your presentations and meetings in our halls which are equipped with the latest technology presentation and comfort equipment.

Web: www.bortarcatering.com

Bortar Şahden Fattening and Dairy Farm

All the meats we use in Bortar Group come from our Bortar Besi Farm located in Torbalı Çaybaşı Village. At the Bortar Group Şahden Fattening and Dairy Farm with a capacity of 2500 bovine animals; there are about 1000 cattles. The cattles are fed with natural forage and  slaughtered conforming to the Islamic rules, The meat of our halal-cut animals are regularly subjected to microbial, chemical and hormonal analyses.

The meals produced under the Bortar Group is 100% veal guaranteed.

Web site: www.bortarbesivesutciftligi.com

Mutfak 93 (Kitchen 93) Restaurant

Bortar Group, Turkey's largest manufacturer of mass food,  has prepared a very special flavor of a gourmet venue to share with its guests specifically the 25th year, quarter of a century of expertise and experience. Founded in 2017 and named after the establishment year of Bortar Group, Kitchen 93 brought together the rich taste varieties of Turkish cuisine, which you will taste from the most skillful cooks, in a stylish, conceptual place where you will feel great for being there with your loved ones. Our Kitchen 93 Restaurant serves between 9:00 and 17:30 every weekday. The Kitchen 93 Restaurant also serves evening and weekend special events.

Web site: www.mutfak93.com.tr

Bortar Olive Oil

Our olive and olive oil plant, established in Manisa Saruhanlı in 2011, serves under the roof of Bortar Group with an olive processing capacity of 80 tons per day.In our facilities, no production method that harms human health is applied. Olive oil, the miracle of natural life, is produced by using the latest techniques of production technologies without keeping the value of the product in the forefront and keeping the values ​​of principled and ethical values.Olive oil produced under Bortar Group is used in all our food production facilities. The world's most healthy diet and the most important component of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil, which is considered the most valuable oil of healthy life, is used safely in all meals in all our customers.

Web site: www.bortarzeytinyagi.com

Borsafe Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment

Bortar group has utilized its experience in "Occupational Health and Safety" area to be more mindful to workers' health and to share its experience and facilities with the country and has founded İşte KKD Occupational Safety and Equipment Corp.in 2015. Providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the work safety equipments and personal protective equipment needs of companies, İşte KKD has started to offer a wide range of products under its brand Borsafe.

Web: www.borsafe.com

Flavor Processed in Honeycombs

You will enjoy our indescribable beneficial health drops created by the nectars collected from the various flowers and fruit buds by our natural honey bees.

Web: www.bortargroup.com.tr/borbal/

Bortar Group;

Working with the principle of Unconditional Customer Satisfaction, Bortar Group continues to grow and expand day by day with its innovative vision, dynamic structure, investments in people and technology.