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The Greatest

Kitchen of Turkey

Bortar, Turkey's leading brand in the catering creates
wonderful menus nourished by the richness of
Turkish cuisine, with its experienced professionals.

Bortar Mass Food

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A Magical

Touch To Your Dreams

Bortar, the greatest kitchen of Turkey, is ready to be your solution partner
With its experienced catering staff, in every environment.
We serve at all kinds of organizations from 10 to 100,000
people including meetings, fairs, parties, weddings and henna nights.

Bortar Catering and Organization

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We produce

Our Own Meat

The meat supplied from animals fed with natural food through halal slaughtering methods.
All meats are regularly inspected through microbial, chemical and hormonal analyses.
Our meals are 100% veal guaranteed.

Bortar Şahden Fattening and Dairy Farm

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Mutfak 93 Restaurant

Gourmet and Healthy Tastes

Bortar Group has prepared a very special venue for its 25th anniversary to share
its expertise and experience with its gourmet guests.
We look forward to serving you at our Mutfak 93 (Kitchen 93) Restaurant,
where you will find the most delicious dishes of delicious and healthy Turkish cuisine.

Mutfak 93 Restaurant

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You Will Enjoy

Your Activities At Our Venues

You have a wonderful option for your cocktails, company meetings, special family days,
grand meetings, invitations and organizations in Izmir! Bortar Event Hall, the most impressive
activity area of Izmir, is at your service with its excellent service quality and special architecture.

Bortar Event Hall

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A Delightful Taste

Health in Hearts

Olive mean love, hope, but also sacrifice and patience. Our olives go through many stages
from the day the tree is planted to our table, and each stage requires a separate labor
and a separate devotion. Our olives are collected by hand, and classified according to their size.
They are fermented by completely natural methods without using any additives.
Our olives take their place in our tables as a handicraft.

Bortar Olive Oil

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Personal Protective Equipments

Safety Equipments

Since 2014, we meet your protective equipment, clothing and accessories needs of
your staff, ranging from hospitals to pastry shops, from the construction sector to
the textile sector. You and your employees are valuable for us.


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Bortar Group

Turkey's Mass Food and Catering Leader

Bortar Group has started its business life at the food sector and has always aimed to be the company that sets the highest quality. Bortar Group sets the quality standards in every meal it prepares. This vision has made Bortar Group, Turkey's largest food factory with a seating capacity of 100,000 people. With its huge vehicle fleet, it provides catering services to thousands of factories, businesses and people. Bortar has also entered other to make food production services even better. As we get to know the sectors that provide raw material for food production in our business life for a quarter of a century, we decided eliminate the deficiencies and shortcomings in those sectors and offered better products and services. For this reason, the Bortar Group has established its own special breeding farm to supply the meat and olive groves to producing its own special olive and olive oil. We have established the most modern facilities in olive oil production and presented our highly acclaimed brand of Bortar. As a results Bortar has become the owner of enterprises which soon became leaders in agriculture and breeding sectors


We Have Grown With Our Experience

Mass Dining, Catering, BorSafe, Tourism and Mutfak 93 Restaurant

Bortar Group, which grows day by day, started to operate in the field of production and supply of safety equipments in addition to the mass catering and catering organization sectors. It has extended commercial activities to the tourism sector with its company İşteKKD Corp. and its trademark Borsafe after the safety equipment lines. Bortar has rebuilt its central building and organized a beautiful, large and convenient activity center. As a result, community of Izmir has gained a new and elite venue. Lastly, Bortar Group has established a restaurant in Bornova Işıkkent, named Mutfak 93 (Kitchen 93) to serve the best samples of Turkish cuisine and meat dishes and exhibit its experience and expertise to its guests for a quarter of a century.

Our Services

In Which Sectors?

Mass Catering, Convenience Food, Catering, Organization, Safety Equipment  and Restaurant Services

The first field of activity of Bortar Group was mass food production after its establishment. Following our successful work in the mass food production sector, we have identified the catering and organization services sectors as a natural development. As our food production capacity has increased every year to meet the demands, we have renewed and expanded our headquarters in Işıkkent, Izmir and has established Turkey's largest food factory. Bortar Groups has become the Turkey's number one mass food production company in the table d'hôte or convenient food production sector with its daily 100,000 people capacity. With its new building we have realized an exclusive and large activity area where we can provide catering and organization services. As our experience has increased and talented employeed have joined the company, we have extended our fields of activity to the sectors of work safety equipment and materials supplies with Borsafe, Bortar Milk and Fattening Farm, Bortar Honey, Bortar Olive Oil as a result of necessity which have arisen from our passion to excel our work. Lastly, in order to crown our 25th year in Bortar Group's food sector, we opened our Mutfak 93 (Kitchen 93) Restaurant in Işıkkent Bornova Izmir, which is named after the company's establishment year.